Native Heart Art 
                                                   Native American Style Art and Reproduction
Let us not go the way of the Buffalo. Give the land back to it's Rightful Owners!

 Mitakuye Oyasin

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Hi and welcome again to Native Heart Art. My name is Jerry P. Konoff Artist and owner of Native Heart Art. I was a Chef and Pastry Chef forced to retire early due to physical disabilities. My Grandmother was of Native American heritage, and my aunt was a spritual woman who possessed both spiritual and psychic abilities. I am the last in my bloodline to embrace my native heritage and to walk the Red Road. 
 I am a member of the Spotted Eagle Clan of the Lakota Nation. This is a spiritual connection recognised by the 38th generation medicine man Peter Catches (Zintkala Oyate) of the Spotted Eagle Clan in Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota home the Oglala Lakota people also known as the Sioux Nation. The objects man makes are called artifacts, whether it's beautiful, ugly, ornamental, ceremonial, or functional. It is the reflection of mans skill,and techniques of his art, Artifacts reflect the ideas, concepts, and knowledge acquired or learned as a member of a tribe.
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